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After appearances by Grant Gustin on two episodes of Arrow last year and a special appearance by Stephen Amell in the pilot of Flash, we’ve long been primed for the day that the two titular heroes would team up on a mission to defeat evil – and this week they delivered. As part of a two night event that saw Oliver Queen visiting Central City and Barry Allen taking a trip down to Starling City, both superhero shows were dedicated to the awesome fact that the two characters both have their own series that co-exist in the same universe. So how did it go?

As we discuss on this week’s episode, the results were a bit of a mixed bag. While Flash delivered another rather exciting metahuman-centric adventure that gave both superheroes active external and internal conflicts, the episode of Arrow was surprisingly stale and simply retreaded dramatic material that we’ve already seen. That being said, the strengths and weaknesses of both shows extended far beyond those two simple points, and there was even a special namedrop that took us very much by surprise.

Joining me on Hero Blend this week to breakdown the big Flash/Arrow crossover is my good friend Silas Lesnick from Craved, who brings some interesting perspectives with him on both shows. Hit the play button above!

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