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Hilary Swank is set to star in a remake of the movie Labyrinth. No, not the David Bowie/Muppet Movie. Nothing that cool. Instead it’s a French Psychological thriller made back in 2003.

A three year old movie might seem kind of recent to be already remade, but Hollywood has recently figured out that American’s hate foreign movies, so in order to port them over they completely remake them as American movies. They’re calling this new wave of remakes “Freedom Movies”, and it’s expected to be hugely popular in the deep American south.

Variety says Swank’s new “Freedom Movie” is the story of a mental patient with multiple personalities who holds the key to finding a serial killer. It’d be kind of interesting to see Hillary play a mental patient with multiple personalities, but she’s a Big Hollywood Star so she’ll probably play some sort of investigator trying to drag what she needs to know out of some poor, underpaid, infinitely more talented character actor stuck playing mental patients for the rest of his life because he’s not a looker.