The Jessica Biel-starring vehicle The Tall Man premiered at South By Southwest and later had a short theatrical release in August, but unless you had the good fortune to go to Austin’s famed festival or to live in a big city with a lot of releases, you probably missed it. If you are interested in the horror flick, it will be hitting Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on September 25.

In The Tall Man, Jessica Biel plays a doctor and a desperate mother. The character is different from the good-natured women the actress often plays, and without saying too much, her character really throws audiences through a loop. The movie pits Biel in a poverty-stricken mining town, where money is so scarce, people hardly have the time to think about the potentially-linked instances where children are disappearing. Rumor has it, an old figure from legend called "The Tall Man" may be the responsible party.

The flick has a twist ending, and it has incited a lot of emotion in its critics, but whether you like it or hate it, if you are keeping tabs on Biel’s work, it’s a must-see.

The Tall Man will be available in 'collectible' O-card packaging, but won’t be big on the special features. Image Entertainment has put together one deleted scene with the set (granted, it will run a full 8-minutes), and a “Visual Concepts Gallery.” Having noted the extras, if you are thinking about going digital, this looks to be the right type of set to do so with. You can check out the DVD cover art, below.

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