Hostel Gets Snowed In

The still Weinstein powered genre film distributor Dimension has picked up the script to something called Shiver, written by a guys who's been working in television named Mikey Wigart.

There will be no timbers involved in the supposedly based on a true story of New Year's Eve partiers stranded in a Minnesota snowstorm after a car wreck. It's pretty cold in Minnesota, hence the movie's title. Freezing their asses off, they stumble upon a nearby home, occupied by folks who think torture is actually pretty cool. The stranded revelers no doubt disagree.

The film sounds a lot like a wintery version of Hostel, which probably has at least something to do with why Dimension picked it up. Hostel made a rather tidy profit earlier this year, especially for a film put together on a pretty tiny budget.

The torture thriller will be directed by Michael Cuesta, whose most notable work is a few episodes of Six Feet Under and the 2001 movie L.I.E., which no one who wasn't paid to see it saw.