How Sebastian Stan Felt About Ant-Man Revealing An Important Civil War Scene

Marvel movies' post credits scenes have become as big a part of every film as anything else. Most of the time they give us some real information about where the broader film series is headed, and the end of Ant-Man was no exception. The thing that was different, however, was that rather than simply get a tease of Captain America: Civil War, we got an actual scene from the upcoming film. How does The Winter Soldier feel about that? He’s really glad he doesn’t have to stay quiet about it anymore.

Bucky Barnes himself, Sebastian Stan, was interviewed by Uproxx and spoke about his part in Marvel’s next cinematic outing and his place at the end of Ant-Man. He says that he was really happy to see the footage in the film because he doesn’t have to keep playing dumb, and because he was just happy to see some of his work on screen a little earlier than expected.

With studios so focused on protecting leaks and trying to schedule how information is released, actors are usually under fairly strict gag orders about what they’re allowed to say. This usually results in awkward interviews were reporters ask questions the actor isn’t allowed to answer. The fact that the scene is now out in the opens means that Stan doesn’t have to spend all his time dodging questions, which is quite a relief for him. For anybody who wanted to know what was going to happen next between Cap and Bucky, now you know.

Apparently Stan was notified just a couple of days before Ant-Man’s release that he would be featured in the post credits scene. The moment is part of footage that had already been shot for Civil War rather than something done specifically for Ant-Man. Stan was happy because for him seeing anything from the film on screen was a good thing. The scene raises more questions than it provides answers, asnd seeing it without any context has you wondering what the heck is going on, although that’s the point isn’t it? It was an interesting move from Marvel, although it wasn’t unprecedented. The credits from Captain America: The First Avenger also included a scene that ended up being part of The Avengers (in addition to the actual trailer).

Of course, if your next question for Sebastian Stan is how did he get his arm caught in a vice? He probably can’t answer that one quite yet. We’ll have to wait until Captain America: Civil War is released May, 6, 2016 for those answers.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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