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How Yellowjacket Almost Looked In Ant-Man

Like Scott Lang, Darren Cross had his own shrinking suit earlier this year in Ant-Man, but what audiences saw on the big screen was far from the only design the movie could have chosen. Artist Andy Park has recently posted concept art for unused designs of Janet van Dyne’s Wasp suit and Scott Lang’s Ant-Man suit, and now we have some looks at how Cross might have looked as the high-tech Yellowjacket.

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The most striking aspect of this first version is how little it looks like its bee namesake. Although there are still yellow areas on the suit, the shade is more muted, to the point that if you were looking at him from far away, you might not even notice the yellow parts. The black has also been replaced with dark blue, so if this had made it into the final cut, it would have been more apt to call him Bluejacket. Color issues aside, this suit still looks like it would have packed a punch against Marvel’s tiny titan.

But wait, there’s more! Nearly a day after posting the first piece of YellowJacket concept art, Park then showed another scrapped design on his Twitter account. The most notable differences from this version are that the yellow is brighter and the suit itself looking more jagged, but even though it still looks menacing, I think we can all agree that the final design seen on the big screen was the best choice.

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Whether he had been wearing one of the suits seen above or the final product, Cross would have been trouble in Ant-Man either way. Originally Hank Pym’s protégé, Cross later seized his mentor’s company and tried to replicate Pym’s shrinking technology so he could sell it to the highest bidders. After many failed attempts, Cross created an imperfect version of the technology, and when Scott Lang broke in during his meeting with HYDRA, he donned the Yellowjacket suit to eliminate the new Ant-Man. Despite Cross’ suit having more advanced features compared to the older Ant-Man suit, Scott Lang was able to defeat Cross by screwing around the Yellowjacket suit’s functions, leading Cross to shrink uncontrollably and essentially disappear from existence.

Barring some kind of miraculous resurrection (it would be interesting if he, along with a few other deceased MCU villains, were revived by Thanos using the Infinity Stones), Yellowjacket’s time in the MCU is done, but fans can see his nemeses Scott and Hope team up together in 2018 for Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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