What The Wasp Almost Looked Like In Ant-Man

For the brief minutes that Janet van Dyne was seen in Ant-Man, she was fully garbed as the original Wasp. Marvel has yet to release a high resolution photo of this costume, but we have the next best thing: concept art of one of the designs for the MCU’s first Wasp suit. Take a look!

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Artist Andy Park posted this image on Twitter of his take on the original Wasp suit seen in the Ant-Man flashbacks. There are some slight adjustments from what was seen in the final cut. For instance, there was more silver added later on and the triangular arch on top was taken off. Overall though, this a good callback to what Wasp wore in her earlier comic book days mixed with the standard Ant-Man color scheme.

Of course, moviegoers didn’t get to see the original Wasp costume for long. During Hank Pym and Janet’s last mission together, Janet shrunk smaller than she ever had before in order to disarm a missile heading for the U.S., and while she was successful, she kept shrinking and was lost to the Quantum Realm. It was this act that eventually led to Hank quitting S.H.I.E.L.D. and retiring as Ant-Man. This also led to him not letting his daughter Hope become the new Wasp for fear of her safety.

Hope, as you know, didn't get the chance to suit up during the film while taking on Darren Cross (a.k.a. Yellowjacket), but in the mid-credits scene, Hank finally showed her the suit that he and Janet had been working on shortly before Janet’s disappearance. It was an updated take on the Wasp costume, so we won’t be seeing Evangeline Lilly wearing the same design as her mother’s. That’s likely for the best. The new Wasp suit looked sleeker, and looks like it packs more firepower.

Unless Janet somehow escapes the Quantum Realm like Scott Lang did and reunites with her husband and daughter, it’s doubtful we’ll ever see the original Wasp suit in action again. As for Hope, it hasn’t been announced yet when she’ll make her official debut as The Wasp, but according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, there are big plans for her in the future. When we finally do see her in costume, be it in the potential Ant-Man 2 or an Avengers movie, no doubt fans will utter the same words that Hope did when she first saw her suit: "It’s about damn time!"

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