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For years Hugh Jackman has managed an incredible career where he balances playing one of comic book movie's surliest heroes with rousing musical performances on stage and screen. Now, the star of The Wolverine and Les Miserables combines two of his greatest roles for our amusement.

BBC Radio 1's The Matt Edmondson Show had the inspired idea to give Jackman a parody version of the Les Mis number "Who Am I?" as penned for the star tormented by the role of Wolverine. Jackman--with a beard we suspect he's growing out for Pan--sings:
"Who am I? Am I a superhero with some claws?
Or just an actor searching for applause?
Wolverine has all the fans!
But what about me? Hugh JackMan? Who am I?
I play the wolf man--yes, it's quite the task--in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
(There's a plug!)
I'm at the gym doing weights each day.
Hugh has got to look buff they say!
Must I lie? I cannot eat this ice cream anymore.
I need a body people can adore.
I gave up junk food, that I know.
I made that bargain long ago.
And all my snacks, and crisps are gone,
And now this Wolverine can go on!
Who am I? Who am I? I'm Wolverine!
And so my friend, you see it's true!
I am an X-Man who isn't blue.
Who am I? I'm Wolverine!"

While he doesn't stick the landing, we appreciate his willingness to get silly on the press tour for X-Men: Days of Future Past, which has Wolverine time traveling to save man and mutant-kind from a gruesome future.

Dare to compare this cheeky performance versus its Le Miserables inspiration:

Of course, The Matt Edmondson Show wasn't the first to come up with a Wolverine musical. This chipper version is from Barely Political, circa 2009.

Lastly, here's my personal favorite from Glove and Boots. Not only does it feature a pretty dead-on Wolverine puppet recounting his complicated saga, but also appearances from Spider-Man, Hulk, and Multiple Man in full chorus mode.

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens May 23rd.
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