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The final Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2 trailer is here, and that means the Games are finally coming to an end. After three movies (this one being the fourth), Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen is ready to launch a final assault against the Capitol in the hopes of bringing down President Snow. And this extended look at the action to come has us all walking on egg shells. Check it out below.

Lionsgate unleashed the final trailer after a week of teases, and as Sam Claflin's Finnick Odair remarks, this is essentially the 76th annual Hunger Games. After the Rebels successfully extracted Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Johanna (Jena Malone) and Finnick's love Annie from the Capitol -- though at a cost -- Katniss and her assembled forces are ready for a final stand. Snow, unfortunately, is prepared. He has embedded his city with various traps, essentially turning the Capitol into another arena. But the Girl on Fire has already survived two rounds in the Games, and she's not about to let a third one take her life.

The past few trailers focused heavily on the pre-infiltration moments of the film, but the studio was saving their best cards for the end. This Mockingjay- Part 2 trailer takes us inside the Capitol to see some of the intense battle sequences to come. Book readers will recognize a few of the glimpses we're afforded. For one, get a load of this beastie.

Lizard Mutts

Stop reading here if you want to remain completely spoiler-free by the time the movie rolls out, but this is what we call a lizard mutt. Based on the first couple films, we know how much Snow likes to mess around with mutations, such as with the tracker jackers, those wolf mutts and those crazy monkeys. These new guys spotted in the trailer are based on lizards. When Snow realizes he hasn't killed Katniss and her team, he sicks these monsters on them. There's also the black tar-like substance that spews out from the walls, explosion after explosion, and more deadly traps.

Also reprising their roles alongside Lawrence are Liam Hemsworth as Gale, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, Elizabeth Banks as Effie, Julianne Moore as President Coin, Donald Sutherland as President Snow, Natalie Dormer as Cressida, Stanley Tucci as Caesar, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch, Willow Shields as Prim, Wes Chatham and Elden Henson as Castor and Pollux, and Mahershala Ali as Boggs. An exciting new addition is Gwendoline Christie, who we've spotted briefly throughout the promotional materials. The Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress will make her debut in the Hunger Games universe as Commander Lyme.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2 is set to commence in theaters on November 20.