Images From Ewan McGregor's Sex Club Movie

Deception is the movie where Ewan McGregor goes swinging (and I’m not talking about at a park here) with Hugh Jackman. Then, Hugh Jackman steals his glasses and his sex slave. He can’t however, steal Ewan McGregor’s manhood, which he’s infamously displayed in a large variety of different movies. With male nudity on the rise in Hollywood movies, and with Deception getting an R-rating, I wonder if he’ll whip it out in this one? I hope not, because I plan to see it.

We have new images from Deception, but none of them contain Ewan McGregor nudity. They do however, show off what Michelle Williams might look like two seconds before she receives a Scottish hickey. Click where you think her hickey might appear on the image below, to see all of our sexy new stills from Deception:

Josh Tyler