Independence Day Coming At You In 3D Next Summer

Titanic might not have become a giant global phenomenon all over again when it was re-released in 3D this spring, but it did pretty well for itself, and along with the 3D release of The Phantom Menace made a pretty good argument to studios that the best way to make cash quick is to dig into their archives, slap a 3D sheen on something old, and sell it to you all over again. This is pretty irritating, sure, but it also gives you the chance to revisit a big classic from your past on the big screen-- and in the case of the latest movie to get the 3D re-release treatment, to present it the way it might have been intended all along.

A tweet from Variety's Jeff Sneider reveals that Fox is planning a 3D re-release of Independence Day, the ridiculous and awesome 1996 blockbuster that you can pretty much guarantee would have been released in 3D if it came out today. True to the title, the re-release is set for July 3, 2013, putting it up against Despicable Me 2 but no other competition in its attempt to rule the holiday weekend.

Roll your eyes all you want at the 3D re-release trend, but this is exactly the kind of movie I'm dying to see with a giant bucket of popcorn on my lap, and the 3D will only make the silly experience all the grander. Now let's just watch the original trailer and admit this is what the greatness of America is all about. Randy Quaid would want it that way.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend