Interactive Super 8 Trailer Takes You Inside The Train Crash

I always feel a little off my game when it comes to the intersection of video games and movies-- I understand the latter very well, and the former not at all-- so forgive me if I stumble as I try to explain the new interactive Super 8 trailer that's a feature on the new video game Portal 2. One of the video game geniuses at Kotaku located the trailer, which is more like a feature that puts you inside the train crash that kicks off the film's action, and has put a video of him playing it online so we can all understand what it entails.

The trailer itself looks cool-- you get to explore the interior of the train before it crashes, revealing what I presume are all kinds of Easter eggs-- but like with most things in video games, probably more fun to play than to look at. All the same if you're obsessively collecting all the information possible about Super 8, this is a must-watch. Check it out below.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend