Interstellar To Return To Theaters With New Footage

Oscar season is almost finished, with Sunday's ceremony set to be the golden end to a lot of film's campaigns. A lot of hard work and dedication is going to be rewarded during Hollywood's biggest night, and one of the films that definitely fits the bill for both of those criteria is Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Nominated for several technical awards, as well as the Best Original Score category, the film just might bring some honors home yet, despite being largely overlooked on the whole. Which means now's a good time to see it one more time in your local IMAX theater!

AMC Theaters and Paramount Pictures have announced that for one day and one showing only, Interstellar will be returning to select IMAX screens. 3:00 PM is the time, and Saturday, February 21 is the day that you'll be able to not only see Matthew McConaughey attempt to save humanity, but also 12 minutes of new, behind-the-scenes footage that's never been seen until now. Of course, seeing as there's a good chance you've already seen Interstellar at least once in the past couple of months, AMC knows it needs to sweeten the pot.

Because of this, when you buy one ticket for the Interstellar encore at your local participating AMC Theaters box office, you'll get one free to drag someone else along for the ride. So if you've got that one friend that's been holding out with a lame excuse, or just the genuine bad luck of missing a film they really wanted to see in large format, now's as good a time as any to expose them to Christopher Nolan's latest. And if you're one of the first 300 guests at the one shot screening, you'll be given a limited edition set of the complete print set that IMAX theaters have been giving out throughout the film's run. If they were to throw in a complimentary box of Milk Duds, it would practically being like you were being bribed to see Interstellar just one more time.

So why is Interstellar trying to make a last ditch effort at some renewed box office clout? Well, it's probably a good bet that Paramount is trying to ride some Oscar buzz into a strong limited re-release of Christopher Nolan's latest mind bender. After all, The Dark Knight trilogy managed to have several re-releases with each subsequent film. Or perhaps Paramount and AMC are giving audiences a premium priced ticket for the opportunity to figure out the meaning behind what's going on in Interstellar's very heady plotting. There's a ton of answers that could explain why a one day, one show event is being planned for Interstellar's temporary return. Whichever is accurate, though, it still remains that if you missed the IMAX presentation the first time around, this is your wake up call to join the conversation.

Interstellar will be back in theaters Saturday afternoon, for one show only. Just be careful not to accidentally walk into a larger than life version of Fifty Shades Of Grey instead.

Mike Reyes
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