Are you into NASCAR? Well, it doesn’t matter because not only should you check out the documentary Racing Dreams, but this video interview with the director Marshall Curry too. Curry followed three young drivers – Annabeth Barnes, Josh Hobson and Brandon Warren – while they competed in the World Karting Association’s National Series, which is basically little league for wannabe NASCAR drivers. Whether or not competitive driving is your thing, Racing Dreams is guaranteed to strike a chord thanks to the film’s engaging stars and Curry’s spot on presentation.

I was certainly surprised how hard I fell for this film, but what isn’t quite as shocking is the caliber of the piece. Yes, it’s only Curry’s second feature documentary, but his first, Street Fight, is an Oscar nominee. Before that? No, Curry wasn’t hard at work in film school, he was employed by a multimedia company. With zero training under his belt, Curry has proven himself to be not only a natural behind the lens, but one in front of it too, granted the lens on my little Kodak Zi8 is significantly smaller than the equipment he used to film Racing Dreams.

Curry was packed with interesting details on everything from the jump from the battle between Cory Booker and Sharpe James for Mayor in Street Fight to the battle for the karting title in Racing Dreams, finding his star drivers to shooting etiquette while working in the kids’ homes. Racing Dreams is currently playing in Oregon and Indiana, due to hit New York City theaters on July 9th and those in Los Angeles on July 23rd. If my review of the film hasn’t convinced you this one is worth catching, hopefully this interview will.

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