Interview: Wild And Wonderful White Of West Virginia Director Julien Nitzberg

First thing I learned about Julien Nitzberg? He is a very patient guy. When a loud espresso machine foiled our plan to record this interview at the Barnes & Noble Cafe and a disgruntled employee had a serious problem with me stealing her book cart to use as a camera stand, it was off to Union Square Park. It was really no surprise that Nitzberg adapted to each roadblock with ease. After spending a year with the Whites, he must have developed a high tolerance. No, not that kind of tolerance! A tolerance for things not always going to plan.

The Whites are not your average family. Some enjoy mountain dancing, others take pride in defying the law and pretty much all of them are ever eager to get high. Nope, not your average family in the least, but what is quite typical about the Whites is the love and devotion they have for one another. The residents and authorities of Boone County, West Virginia, may consider their outlandish behavior an embarrassment and in need of eradication, but Nitzberg looks at it as an opportunity to simply tell a family's story, even if it is out of the ordinary.

After witnessing 87 minutes of the White’s debauchery, questions that were vital to ask concerned Nitzberg's personal safety and the constrictions when shooting the clan's illicit behavior. Check out what Nitzberg had to say about his wild ride courtesy of Derek White, keeping certain behavior on the down low and so much more in the video below. To see the insanity for yourself, try to catch The Wild and Wonderful White of West Virginia's during its limited engagement in New York City over the next two weeks or watch it at home On Demand.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.