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Even with all the news about Avatar's inflated haul due to 3D ticket prices, not every blockbuster in the world is quite as ready to jump on the 3D bandwagon. 3D cheerleader site Market Saw just found out from "a very good source" that Iron Man 2 will not be presented in 3D, despite some discussion in September that it might go that way.

The Market Saw guys, 3D fanatics that they are, are disappointed in the news, but I can't really see how the movie would benefit. Sure, Avatar is beautiful and immersive with all the 3D effects, but movies with quick-cutting action and long stretches set in the "real" world aren't necessarily so well-suited. It's great to see Grace Augustine's lab in glorious 3D, but maybe we don't quite need the same effect for Tony Stark's highball glass.

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