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Iron Man 3 Trailer Coming As Soon As You Unlock It

The power of the Facebook "like" button is enormous, as everyone who's annoyed and fixated on Facebook daily knows well. And whenever there's something powerful, you'd better believe movie studios are going to take advantage of it. Today Disney is harnessing the power of Facebook to help out something that you might have thought didn't need extra strength: Tony Stark's arc reactor.

Yes, the viral marketing for Iron Man 3 has begun, and over at the film's official Facebook page, fans are being encouraged to "like" the page and help charge the arc reactor to reveal the fill's first trailer. Click the image below to check it out for yourself.

Iron Man 3 is set to kick off the summer movie season next May 3, and will also be the first step in what Marvel's calling "Phase Two," a.k.a. all the movies they're making now that all the heroes have been united in The Avengers. It'll be interesting in to check in on Tony Stark, the Avenger who started the on-screen Marvel magic to begin with, in his first solo story since squabbling with Cap and Hulk on the Helicarrier. Can the addition of Shane Black, the quick-witted writer/director behind Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, help make up for the missteps of Iron Man 2? Will Tony saving the world on his own make any sense now that he's got all those super friends to draw on? Will Pepper Potts still be too upset about the death of Agent Coulson-- well, at least the movie death of Coulson-- to participate in the action?

All those questions will be answered… and maybe sooner than you think, if we can go ahead and get this trailer unlocked.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend