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New Iron Man 3 Trailer Launches Online

Between Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and The Avengers, the start of summer has been dominated by Marvel Studios in recent years, and 2013 will be no different. With Iron Man 3 the Marvel Cinematic Universe dives into Phase Two, opening us up to a world that will soon bring us the new adventures of Captain America and Thor as well as the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy. It's an exciting time to be a comic book fan and with each step towards the new adventures of Tony Stark we only get more excited. And that goes double on days like today.

The newest trailer for Iron Man 3 has arrived, giving us our first extended look at the new movie since the Super Bowl trailer that came online at the start of February. Watch the trailer below, courtesy of Yahoo! (opens in new tab)

Co-written and directed by Shane Black, reuniting with Robert Downey Jr. for the first time since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, finds the eponymous hero shaken and dealing with the events he witnessed during the Battle of New York (as seen in The Avengers). These problems are only exacerbated, however, when Tony Stark's greatest foe, The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley), finally reveals himself and destroys the billionaire/playboy/philanthropist's entire world. Picking up he pieces to fight back, Tony finds himself on a journey of self-discovery that will determine the identity of the real hero: him or the suit. Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau return for the film and new additions include Rebecca Hall, Guy Pearce, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton.

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