We've already been over the possible reasons that Jackass 3D was such a surprise hit in theaters over the weekend, and you know what happens when a movie is a surprise hit? A sequel. Yes, even when the movie in question is Jackass 3D, nothing but an assembly of sketches and a bunch of dudes laughing really hard while they injure and humiliate each other. Lucky for Paramount, though, the Jackass guys enjoy doing that so much that they filmed way more footage than they needed-- footage they'd be more than happy to release.

Even before Jackass 3D hit theaters there was talk of doing something similar to what Jackass 2.5 was back in 2006, a direct-to-DVD and online compilation of deleted scenes from the first movie. But according to The LA Times, Paramount is now considering making a full theatrical effort of it. After all, Johnny Knoxville himself said "we shot two movies' worth of footage," and according to Steve-O, one of the bits they deleted involved a guy farting darts into his face. It's classic Jackass, and exactly the kind of stupidity that millions of people paid good money to see over the weekend.

Obviously releasing a Jackass 3D and A Half-- or whatever they're going to call it-- in theaters would be a pure cash grab, but if people already proved they want to watch in 3D what they used to get on cable for free, who can blame Paramount for bringing it to them? Wouldn't you be a little disappointed to watch Steve-O get darts farted in his face in 2D, only to learn it had originally been intended for the glorious third dimension? No, Paramount isn't just angling for cash here-- they're doing the entire nation a service. Thanks for looking out for us, guys.

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