'In every hot streak a little rain must fall' might as well be a Hollywood adage. Every time a star really starts blowing up, all the little lackluster projects they had a part in that didn't find distribution are suddenly—and often regrettably—resurrected. In the case of Chris Hemsworth, who has had a major year with the critically adored Cabin in the Woods, the fantasy that will spawn him a spin-off Snow White and the Huntsman, and the box office juggernaut The Avengers, that rain looks to be the long-shelved remake of Red Dawn.

Disturbia screenwriter Carl Ellsworth and Special scribe Jeremy Passmore transplanted the original tale of teenagers battling a international communist mega-force to a modern context by making the invading forces North Korean. The film's first trailer gave us a look at the kind of havoc these baddies wrought, and the latest clip offers a better look at their arrival.

Hemsworth stars as Jed Eckert, a marine who is in town staying with his sheriff dad (Brett Cullen) and football star kid brother (Josh Peck). But his idyllic visit home is turned into a war zone when communist soldiers drop from the skies to take over America one small town at a time. Urged by his father, who takes shit from no man, Jed takes his brother off the grid, collecting teens that have managed to evade the foreign forces. Together, this band of young patriots played by Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas and Connor Cruise will take a stand.

Is it just me or does this premise seem too dated to connect to contemporary audiences? I mean, do we still fear communists enough to make this plot seem plausible, or is it too much for the suspension of disbelief? I guess we'll find out when Red Dawn storms into theaters on November 21st. To learn more about it click here.

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