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So Deathly Hallows Part 2, the eighth and final Harry Potter film, won’t be fans’ last chance to visit J.K. Rowlings’ magical realm, after all. While the best-selling author plans to hold a press conference in London on Thursday to explain something called “Pottermore,” some UK papers have figured out what the term is, and how it affects a legion of Potter fans around the world.

The Guardian says “Pottermore” will be an online game, a treasure hunt that “gives users clues which will lead them to prizes hidden in the real world.” A leaked memo revealing details of the game has been uncovered. It invites Potter fans around the world to “find an undisclosed number of magic wands stashed throughout the UK and US, and possibly other countries.” Specifics about the game “remain hazy,” but all should be cleared up by Rowling herself at Thursday’s press conference.

What do you think? Clever marketing for an already massive franchise, or an attempt to wring a little more cash out of a rabid fan base? Look, Rowling can do what she wants with the characters she created, and if an Orlando theme park isn’t offending the Muggles, an interactive treasure hunt shouldn’t bother them too much, either. Also, it doesn’t sound like the game will cost anything… yet. I’m anxious to hear more details, but for now, a Potter game that crosses continents could be exciting.