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JFK Assassination Drama Parkland Finds Its Lee Harvey Oswald

Actor Jeremy Strong got a double-dose of historical drama in 2012, with roles in both Steven Spielberg's Lincoln and Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty. While he didn't have huge roles in either movie, the actor had the chance to work alongside some of the most talented filmmakers and actors we have today. For his next project, however - another big historical drama - he has a name that you will definitely recognize.

Variety is reporting that Strong has been named as the latest actor to join the cast of Parkland, the upcoming John F. Kennedy assassination film, and will be playing the role of famous killer Lee Harvey Oswald. What's still a question mark, however, is just how big the part is. Rather than being a straightforward movie about the true events, the new film instead turns its attention to Dallas' Parkland Hospital where members of the staff had to deal with the crisis. The project already has a stellar lineup of stars signed on, including Paul Giamatti, Billy Bob Thornton, Jacki Weaver, Zac Efron and Marcia Gay Harden. Peter Landesman, a former reporter for the New York Times, will be directing the project based on a script he wrote and they are currently aiming to release the title late next year, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's death.

Kennedy died at Parkland Hospital on November 22nd, but what could make this an interesting role for Strong is that after Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby two days later he was also taken to Parkland (where he also ended up dying). This could be a huge role for Strong or just a glorified cameo. We'll have to wait and find out which.

Eric Eisenberg
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