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Jack Black's Goosebumps Music Video Is A Cheesy Slice Of Theme Song Heaven

If anyone knows how to camp it up, it’s Jack Black. The comedic actor and musician has built a career on pratfalls, crazy faces and awkward silences. Now, with the impending release of the first film adaptation of the massively popular Goosebumps franchise, he uses his goofy guy charm to help turn the perfectly ridiculous rap video of the theme song into comedy gold.

Watch Jack Black’s GOOSEBUMPS Rap, ‘‘The Bumps Gonna Goose Ya" (opens in new tab)

Nerdist debuted the silly video to the public just a few hours ago. Well, isn’t it just insane and cheesy in the best possible way? Perfect, I might add, for a children’s film and a movie that a ton of adults are going to be forced to see over the next month or so. Although, very early indications on Rotten Tomatoes do suggest that the more mature audience members might not be as bored as they sometimes are while watching a kids film.

The Goosebumps film is, of course, based on the series of books by R.L. Stine. The series began in 1992 with Welcome to Dead House and went on to spawn a number of different chapters in the property for a current total of well over 300 individual books, short stories and anthologies. This explains why the author is widely known as the Stephen King of kids books.

R. L. Stine is one of the best selling children’s authors in history. The books in the original Goosebumps series have been translated into 32 languages. His stories have sold over 350 million books. That’s just an insane number of books. The television show based on his books was the number one kids’ show for three years running. And, considering the popularity of the series, it’s actually very surprising that there haven’t been a Harry Potter number of films stretching across a couple of decades by now.

Jack Black is obviously no stranger to the movies, though his career of late has mostly revolved around smaller films like The D Trainand Bernie, appearances on TV shows such as Community and Woraholics, and voice over work in the Kung Fu Panda series.

The actor already had a pretty impressive list of credits by the time 2003 rolled around, but it was that year that he really broke out in the comedy School of Rock. His role in this film is certainly a perfect one for him. In the movie, Jack Black plays writer R.L. Stine. When a friend of Stine’s teenaged daughter unleashes his imaginary creatures on their town, it’s up to Stine and the kids to save their city and get the monsters back into the books.

If this movie is the hit it looks like it’s going to be Jack Black can rest easy and maybe take his film career back up a notch. While he’s not your traditional movie star by any means, he has found a nice for himself as the looney, loveable weirdo. And Goosebumps seems just like the movie to keep him on top as that type of character for years to come.

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