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Back in the years before YouTube, it was a lot harder to watch people severely hurt themselves. Sure, you could always get a few buddies drunk and watch them make mistakes that led to hospital visits, or watch America's Funniest Videos, but the satisfaction wasn't nearly as instantaneous in the first and the second was far too tame. That all changed when the MTV Generation witnessed the birth of Jackass, a weekly show that consisted of people destroying their bodies for the audience's amusement. Since then, the franchise has spawned two movies, lord knows how many spin-offs and a culture of people who love watching others mutilate themselves, all while watching millions of dollars roll in. And much like any movie that can be made for under $20 million and has a legion of fans, we have not seen the last of it.

The pieces of this one are a bit scrambled, so you are going to have to bear with me. According to the show's Wikipedia page (found by Cinematical) Bam Margera, one of the more popular and successful members of the group, revealed to the Finish magazine Iltalehti in September that the next film is a go, and will begin shooting in January 2010 (he apparently confirmed this on his own radio station, but there is no source cited.) Even more interesting is the prospect that the movie may filmed in 3D. /Film did some research and uncovered that the domain "jackass3d.com" (curently inaccessible) is owned by Paramount Pictures, the distributor of the film.

Yes, it is moronic and juvenile, but it is a fact that a man getting hit in the groin is always funny (as long as it isn't you). Provided the news doesn't become over-flooded with Jackass-wannabes getting sent to to the hospital, and Johnny Knoxville returns to obscurity after the movie's gone, I have absolutely no complaints about this film being made.