James Bond's Spectre Trailer Is Suspenseful, Mysterious And Incredible

Following up Skyfall is no easy task. Sam Mendes’ first crack at a James Bond thriller produced the most lucrative chapter in the ongoing series, as well as a near-universally praised installment by critics and fans. 007’s producers wisely brought Mendes back into the fold for Spectre, which dropped its first footage below. Watch it now!

"You are a kite, dancing in a hurricane," James Bond is told by the mysterious and deadly Mr. White, who we think that Bond (Daniel Craig) has been sent to kill. That doesn’t sound good for our favorite spy with a license to kill. We also learn in this brief but informative clip that 007 has a secret, which he has been holding close to the vest because he was unable to trust anyone. Do you think that will change any time soon?

It’s interesting to learn that, unlike other Bond films, Spectre will continue to build off of the events of Skyfall. Information that was unearthed at Skyfall, the country estate where Bond was raised, sets 007 down a path to discover secrets from his past… and I’m making the leap to say that it has something to do with his old man. Or his caretaker. How much do we know about Bond’s early days? About his family? I have a feeling that Spectre is going to explore the secret agent’s deepest, darkest roots. Does that intrigue you?

Now, let’s talk about Christoph Waltz. The legendary Oscar winner signed on for a mysterious role, which most of us assumed would be Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE. And we get a glimpse of him at the end of the trailer, but his face is hidden by shadows and his speech is… ominous. He suggests that the dark and shady organization that he heads up – SPECTRE – has been waiting for James Bond for a while now. And the spy’s path is predestined.

This is our first official glimpse at the 25th James Bond, and I’m ecstatic at the type of narrative construction going on with Daniel Craig’s turn in Bond’s tuxedo. The movies, up until Craig’s tenure, have been standalone adventures that lived or died by their villains and their set pieces. But ever since Casino Royale soft rebooted the spy franchise, Craig has been able to properly develop 007’s backstory… with significant help from some outstanding supporting cast and, of course, Sam Mendes.

We were lucky enough to visit the Spectre set in Mexico City, and will have full reports from the action-packed location momentarily. For now, tell us what you thought of the first Spectre trailer. The movie’s targeting a November 6 release date.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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