Jane Curtin And Greg Kinnear Join I Don't Know How She Does It

Watching my girlfriend do whatever it is she does on a daily basis is the most exhausting thing I’ve ever encountered. I have barely enough energy to do the things I’m required to do; meanwhile, she goes about her routine of school and work without batting an eyelash before going out of her way to pursue random tasks. Sometimes she’ll sit down for like a half an hour and then bemoan the fact that she’s not being more productive. I don’t get it. I have to go to class tomorrow from 9 until 2:30 and I’m tired just thinking about it. This is why I’m not the main character in I Don’t Know How She Does It. Well, one of several reasons why I’m not the main character.

The Weinstein produced adaptation of the Oprah-supported Allison Pearson novel already has Sarah Jessica Parker and Pierce Brosnan attached, but now the have some new friends to play with. Little Miss Sunshine actor Greg Kinnear has boarded as Parker’s husband, and SNL veteran Jane Curtin will play his mother. If Curtin is half as good at playing Kinnear's mom as she was Paul Rudd's in I Love You, Man, we should be set. I Don’t Know How She Does It is already filming in New York City in preparation for a Spring 2012 release. I’d imagine this will be finished long before then, but Spring is always a fruitful time for fare such as this.

I’ve never read the source material before, but it cleaned up on the New York Times Best Seller List. Also, those who did pick it up seemed to enjoy it. I’ll withhold judgment until I see a trailer.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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