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So far, Deadpool is one of the biggest movies of the year. It currently sits at number four in the global box office for 2016, but that number may change, as there is still one country that has not seen the film release in theaters. Japan is getting pumped to see the merc with the mouth for the very first time, and as part of the film’s promotion, a giant statue of Deadpool has begun to make the rounds in major Japanese cities. Because of course it has.

This is former sumo champ Akebono standing before the 7 meter tall statue of a reclining Deadpool. Reportedly, the statue is currently going on display in Osaka, before traveling to Nagoya and Tokyo ahead of Deadpool’s June 1 theatrical release in Japan. Needless to say, the nearly 23 foot long statue is both the most ridiculous, and the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen. We can’t really blame people for being utterly fascinated by it. Though this is a little closer than we’d probably like to be.

Some people in Japan however apparently wanted to get one particular view of the statue. We’re sure Ryan Reynolds would be flattered. We don’t judge.

Of course, the giant statue method of promotion is far from the strangest thing we’ve seen out of Deadpool. The movie is currently promoting its DVD release by parodying erectile dysfunction commercials. Giant statues of Deadpool giving you a come hither gaze are pretty much par for the course at this point. Still, if Deadpool is just going to lie there, the least he could do is find something to keep him busy.

What do you think of Japan’s new Deadpool statue. Will you be adding it to your sightseeing list on your next vacation? Can you even image what they'll do when the sequel comes out?

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