Deadpool Slips A Ton Of Erection Jokes Into This Hysterical Blu-Ray Video, Watch It Now

Deadpool wasn’t simply one of the best comic book action movies that we had seen in awhile, it was also one of the funniest movies that we had seen. Ryan Reynolds put together a collection of great viral videos to help promote the film that kept us laughing up until release. Now, on the eve of the Blu-Ray release of Deadpool, we have yet another hilarious video to enjoy, although, we can’t help but feel like they’re trying to sell us something else.

Where do we even start with this? If watching Deadpool has a similar effect on you to that of Viagra, this sounds like a personal problem, although, apparently you love that movie. It turns out there’s a name for this condition however, it’s called #Deadpole. Doing a prescription drug ad with a guy in a superhero costume would be funny enough by itself, but of course with Deadpool it’s that much better. We have to say hanging the dish towel on the hilt of his katana seems to be super convenient. Also, we should point out, the scene where he’s doing the woodworking. Yeah, he doesn’t appear to be holding any sandpaper. The penis jokes here go far beyond the general commercial theme.

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Deadpool is currently the highest grossing film of the year so it’s likely to continue that success in the home video market. We know that there were scenes and alternate takes that didn’t make it into the final cut that will be included on the disc, so there’s plenty of new stuff to help entice the fans who may have seen the movie multiple times in the theater.

Deadpool is already available through the various options for digital download so if you truly can’t wait until May 10, that option is there. There was a sex joke for that one, too.

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Of course, Deadpool won’t be stopping here. The sequel has been greenlit and may be beginning filming as soon as later this year. Ryan Reynolds will be returning as the title character and the rest of the key crew, including the director and writers will be back as well. And this time Cable will be along for the ride.

Will you be picking up Deadpool on DVD in May, or do you already own a digital copy? Let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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