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Jeff Goldblum May Be Joining A Superhero Franchise, Here's What We Know

Back in the dark reaches of cinema (the 1990’s) before there were such things as "cinematic universes" one man was the king of the blockbuster movie world. And for some reason, that man was Jeff Goldblum. As one of the stars of both the original Jurassic Park and Independence Day films, Goldblum instantly became one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Now, with him returning to his previous home in the summer movie season with Independence Day: Resurgence, one might wonder if he might be looking to other big franchises as well. It turns out that may be exactly what he’s doing.

Today you can’t swing a cat in Hollywood without hitting an actor who’s part of a superhero franchise. Between the consistently growing Marvel Cinematic Universe and the overnight explosion of the DC Extended Universe, it seems like there’s nobody left in Hollywood who doesn’t wear spandex or body armor. Jeff Goldblum, however, has yet to sign on to play any part in a superhero franchise, and with his quirky character delivery, you’d have to think he’d be perfect for it. For this reason, MTV asked Jeff Goldblum if he’d be joining a superhero movies anytime soon, and while he didn’t say anything, he certainly implied quite a bit.

I can say very little right now. But you might be onto something.

Of course, by "very little" what he actually meant was "nothing" because he didn’t elaborate on that statement in the slightest. He went so far as to show, or at least feign, that he didn’t know the difference between Marvel and DC. Still, while he might have simply been messing with the interviewer, he didn’t seem to be. And it would certainly make sense. At this point, it would be just short of impossible that nobody has dropped the script for a superhero movie on his desk, but is he considering, or has he already accepted a role in some future Marvel or DC project?

We know Marvel and Sony are currently casting Spider-Man: Homecoming as Michael Keaton has been recently attached to the role of the main villain. Can we possibly get Jeff Goldblum cast as an Asgardian in Thor: Ragnarok? Was Jeff Goldblum in the running for the role that Willem Dafoe just picked up in Justice League, or is there a separate part lined up for him? There are so many projects being run right now that it’s almost impossible to pinpoint which movies he might be looking at, never mind which roles might be offered to him.

We would certainly love to see Jeff Goldblum pop up in either of the current superhero cinematic universes. He’s always entertaining and would bring his own special style to whatever character he brings to life. Who would you like to see Jeff Goldblum play in an upcoming superhero film? Sound off in the comments below.

Dirk Libbey
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