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Jennifer Esposito Joins Kilmer's Conspiracy

Though she’s frequently confused with Eva Mendes by movie fans, Jennifer Esposito is much more than just a mole and a really great pair of legs. She’s done great work in a few equally great movies, and none of them involved sticking a nitrus tank in the back of a Hyundai, just to see how fast it’ll go. Well, there was that horrible Taxi movie, but she made up for it by being awesome in Crash.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Esposito’s next project will cast her opposite underrated and notoriously hard to work with actor Val Kilmer in an indie drama called Conspiracy. The movie stars Kilmer as a wounded Iraq Veteran whom Esposito’s character becomes involved with. Kilmer’s vet returns home to discover that a friend has disappeared without a trace while he was away, and no one who lives there will acknowledge that his buddy was ever there.

Esposito plays a working single mother with an 8-year-old daughter. She’s just survived an abusive relationship, so tears should be expected.