Jennifer Garner In Star Trek?

The latest Star Trek casting rumor doesn’t involve one of the primary cast members, but a love interest. TrekMovie has picked up a story from the Star which says Jennifer Garner may show up in the film as a love interest for Mr. Spock. Wait a minute, isn’t Kirk supposed to get all of the chicks? I guess he only gets the green ones.

I wonder what sort of character it is we’re talking about here. Could Jen end up playing a female Vulcan? Perhaps Spock’s fiancée, who shows up later on in the original series and tries to have him killed? Or, even better, what if Garner were cast to play Nurse Chapel? Chapel’s obsession with the Enterprise’s pointy-eared first officer is a known commodity, and it might make sense to have that play some part in a prequel.

Or, maybe Garner’s not in it at all. It’s just a wild rumor from a pretty unreliable source at this point. In fact, the way the Star phrases it, the rumor almost sounds like something they made up on their own. Here’s exactly what they had to say: “Star has learned exclusively that in the new Star Trek film, which is a prequel to the original hit series, the outwardly emotionless vulcan Mr. Spock has a love interest! Not only would Jen, 34, "be just the right person for Star Trek because she’s a chameleon," an insider says, but the film’s director, J.J. Abrams, cast her on Alias and has a history of giving jobs to people he worked with before! Beam her up!”

So, do they have anything to base this on other than the fact that Garner has worked with Abrams before and that her name sells newspapers? It doesn’t sound like it, does it? They do however seem to be a little more sure about the idea of Spock having a honey in the film. Ladies love the ears.

Josh Tyler