Jennifer Lawrence In A Marvel Movie? Here's What She Said

The Marvel Studios Juggernaut continues on and it seems that every top actor is being rumored to play this role or that one. Some actors would love to be part of the Marvel universe, while others have shown disdain for the idea. Jennifer Lawrence was recently asked if she would be interested in joining the MCU proper. Her answer? Well, it was an answer. It just wasn't all that clear if she's interested in playing another comic book role.

Jennifer Lawrence is already playing the role of Mystique in the current run of X-Men movies but the word is that run is coming to a close. She recently spoke with Comic Book Resources and they mentioned that she was a rumored candidate for the upcoming Captain Marvel film. (Is that accurate? First we have heard...) They asked her if she was interested in playing in the MCU sandbox with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt. Her response was vague and open ended. Cue the rampant speculation.

Well, yes! I would love to play in a sandbox with those two!

Lawrence does not specify any particular desire to jump into a Marvel franchise, though she doesn’t discount the possibility either. She’s worked with Bradley Cooper more than once in the past. She’s also on tap to co-star with Chris Pratt in the upcoming Passengers. Putting the three of them together would likely be an entertaining film, Marvel or otherwise. A third possibility is that she would like to play with them in an actual sandbox. Like, with buckets and shovels and stuff. These things are open to interpretation.

It’s also worth pointing out that to join Cooper and Pratt specifically, Jennifer Lawrence would have to get involved in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. While there have been some recent casting announcements, nothing around them has hinted at Lawrence being involved.

The upcoming Captain Marvel film is a long way off and it seems that every actress in Hollywood with a reputation for action is being rumored for the part. One of those women, Emily Blunt, even talked about how there’s a very short list when it comes to those roles, and mentioned Lawrence by name as one of the people who is on it. The idea that only certain actresses can do action is apparently so prevalent that when the list needs to expand, it moves outside of actresses to other tough women first. This isn't to say Jennifer Lawrence isn't a strong candidate for the job, if she's interested.

Once X-Men: Apocalypse is over, should Jennifer Lawrence join the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe as another character? Is Captain Marvel the one for her or is there another she would be great for? Weigh in below with your thoughts!

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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