Jessica Biel Naked For Powder Blue

Unlike most Hollywood actresses, it seems Jessica Biel realizes that if she wants to play a stripper, she’ll have to take off her clothes. It sort of comes with the job description. So Us Magazine reports that 25-year-old Biel will get naked for the upcoming character connections drama Powder Blue.

Apparently, nipple and butt exposure is actually in her contract for the film. Word is that the director will shoot scenes that are even more explicit than her contract requires, and then leave it up to Jessica whether or not she wants to go with the bare minimum bare body exposure. The weird thing is that she reportedly told the Sunday Herald Sun that nudity makes her uncomfortable, and she’d be terrified to do it. I guess she’s facing her fears.

Of course on a perverted male level this is delightful news, but it’s also good news if you simply love films. I have no problem with actresses who don’t want to get naked. Heck, I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to do it. But it bothers me when actresses who don’t want to show any flesh take roles which, well, sort of require them. Most recently for instance, Lindsay Lohan played a stripper who inexplicably never takes her clothes off (even when all the dancers around her do) in the movie I Know Who Killed Me. Natalie Portman asked that her nudity be removed when she played an exotic dancer in Closer. Everyone seems to want to play a stripper, but nobody really wants to embrace the most basic tenants of what it means to be one. Jessica Biel is, and on that level I say good for her.

Josh Tyler