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For awhile Jessica Biel’s career seemed to be on the downside but lately she’s back in the thick of things with a whole host of upcoming projects on her dance card. The latest is The Tall Man in which Screen Daily says she’ll star.

Directed by Frenchman Pascal Laugier, The Tall Man is a suspense-thriller being compared to the early movies of M. Night Shyamalan. I guess that means it has some sort of ridiculous twist ending. It’s also a “woman in jeopardy” movie. You know the type. Think Jodi Foster in Panic Room or Jennifer Lopez in Enough. In this woman in trouble movie, Jessica Biel must track a mysterious figure known as The Tall Man, after he kidnaps her child. It’s not just a woman in trouble movie, it’s a what will a mother do for her child movie. Maybe we should have compared it to Flightplan.

The Tall Man starts shooting in Vancouver, BC this September with a $15 million budget. By Hollywood standards, that’s not really a lot of money for a star-powered thriller. Expect something more stripped down and budget conscious than the glossy Shyamalan movies they seem intent on comparing it to. Even The Sixth Sense cost $40 million.

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