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Jesus' Evil Twin Brother Gets A Movie

Jesus evil twin brother is finally getting his story told. Wait, evil twin brother?

German filmmaker Robert Sigl is working on a movie called The 13th Disciple, a fantasy-adventure film set in present day India, which follows two German archeologists searching for proof that good Jesus may have once visited the country. Instead, their search uncovers proof that Jesus had an evil twin who is reincarnated in modern times and becomes the “scheming head of a religious sect.”

The movie is being shot in India with a mostly Indian cast, which might explain how they’re getting it done without being subjected to legions of right-wing Christian protestors. They probably just haven’t noticed it yet. Strangely enough, Sigl has somehow convinced himself that the movie won’t be controversial. He tells Reuters, “it will be made clear from the beginning of our film that it's fiction, even the 'Da Vinci Code' was fiction but there was a lot based on real ideas.” Yes, but The Da Vinci Code didn’t turn Jesus’ life into a bad soap opera.

On the other hand, since this sounds like a fairly low-budget, low-profile affair maybe the usual suspects will simply ignore it, since there’s no glory to be gained by standing on a soap box to decry it. A little controversy might actually help it gain attention. An insane movie about Jesus’ evil twin sounds like something I’d be interested in, but Sigl does a pretty good job of killing all any interest the film’s premise engenders when he says, “If you deal with religious themes, you have to be prepared and also (careful) that you do not hurt any feelings. Our film is not based on true events nor is it giving any religious message.” That sounds like pandering to me. Why bother to make a movie about Jesus’ evil twin if you’re going to tiptoe around the subject? You're making a movie about the anti-christ man! Get blasphemous or go home.