Joel Silver has been responsible for a hell of a lot of our greatest entertainment over the last three decades or so. Starting his career in the late 70s with a role as an associate producer for The Warriors, during the 80s he found talents like Shane Black, and made kickass movies like Die Hard, Predator, Lethal Weapon and Commando. In the late 90s he bet on a pair of sibling directors named Wachowski and the result was The Matrix, one of the most influential films of its time. And he's continued to go strong in the last decade as well, most notably bringing back Sherlock Holmes to the big screen with Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr.

There have been some shake-ups recently, however. Silver Pictures, the company the producer created back in 1985, broke off its long time deal with Warner Bros. and severed a 25-year relationship. But that's not stopping them from developing new projects. Following news Monday that Sean Penn had signed on to the company's adaptation of author Jean-Patrick Manchette's novel Prone Gunman, Deadline is reporting that Silver and Paramount Pictures are teaming up to make Sanctuary, a new supernatural action movie. Described as "a cross between Wanted and Blade," the story is about a woman who becomes possessed by a demon, but with the help of a secret organization called The Sanctuary (run by The Vatican) she channels the power to fight off evil forces. The script was written by Alan Trezza, whose only previous produced credit is Burying The Ex, a short horror comedy that he directed back in 2008.

The report doesn't mention any possible directors or when they are aiming to start production.

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