Transcendence Behind The Scenes

The general rule for Christopher Nolan movies is that audiences won't actually know what the film is about until they are watching it play out on the big screen, and it seems that philosophy has rubbed off on his cinematographer, Wally Pfister. The latter has spent the last few months making his directorial debut, the sci-fi thriller Transcendence, and while we have heard a few details about the story, the whole thing is being kept rather mysterious. In fact, even though Screen Crush has gotten its hands on the movie's first plot synopsis we still aren't completely sure how it will all play out. You can read the official description of the project below:
Will Caster, forefather of A.I., has his consciousness uploaded onto the internet.

Once there, is it really Will who is interacting with humanity in order to make things better, or a darker sinister clone bent on the termination of the world as we know it?

But that's not all! In addition to the synopsis, the site has also posted a new behind-the-scenes still from the movie, which you can see at the top of this article. While it's hard to tell who the person with the Batman shirt is, from left to right we can see Pfister and stars Rebecca Hall and Johnny Depp (who will be playing the aforementioned Will Caster).

While the synopsis does a good job of establishing how Depp's character fits into the plot, we are still rather in the dark about just about every other detail in the movie. It's previously been confirmed that Hall will be playing Depp's wife in the film and that Paul Bettany will play a scientist colleague on Depp's team, but still actors like Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara, Clifton Collins Jr., Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman.

The good news for those who are extremely excited by the idea of seeing the Singularity play out on the big screen or the idea of Johnny Depp starring in a science fiction movie is that we probably won't have to wait too much longer before we actually get to see some actual footage from the film. Rather than being labeled as a summer blockbuster or being thrust into 2014's award season, Warner Bros. will be releasing Transcendence on April 18th next year. This means that we could potentially get the first trailer for Pfister's film before the end of the year, potentially attached to Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity - another bold science fiction project that is being released by Warner Bros.

Until then, just enjoy this previously-released featurette about the movie, which seems to be made specifically so that Chinese people who enjoyed Iron Man 3 will go see Transcendence too.

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