Jonathan Nolan Is Likely To Direct The Next Superman Film, But No Guarantees

Even though there's absolutely no solid news about a new Superman film other than the fact that Christopher Nolan will be shepherding it at some point, the rumors have been flying fast lately. There was crazy talk that Chris Columbus might get the job directing it, which was quickly shot down, and then much more logical speculation that Jonathan Nolan would get the job. While nothing is still official, Moviehole has dug up some further evidence that points to the other Nolan brother.

They got in touch with an unnamed source at Warner Bros. who claimed the following:

"Jonathan Nolan is not onboard yet, but it looks like he will get the job. Jonah wants to direct, Chris wants to land him that gig, WB doesn't want to upset Chris. That said, it is far from a done deal -- but with Chris and Emma producing, the odds are with Jonah - kind of like Michael Mann producing his daughter's first feature: "How bad could things go?""

And apparently they're even talking about casting, considering a TV star "that no one is thinking of, but everyone will be thrilled with if he pulls on the blue tights." No one has actually tested for the part, but if there are serious conversations going on about casting, odds are a director is probably guiding it-- and apparently there's a better than average chance that it's Jonathan Nolan having those conversations.

So there you have it-- there's no way of knowing anything before, but you can probably safely hope that the next Superman will happen under the excellent guidance of a Nolan brother. Now if only we could start getting some actual news on Batman 3, we'd really be in business.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend