Jordan Peele's Thriller Casts A Girl As Its Leading Lady

With his directorial debut, Get Out, currently in the works, Jordan Peele is ready to explore the racial tensions of the modern world in his beloved horror genre. And now he's cast his first lead in the project, as Allison Williams – better known as Marnie from HBO's Girls - has taken a very important role.

Despite the exact details of the film's story being guarded under pain of torture, we have a good feeling about the role that Williams will be playing in the film. As we previously learned, Peele's film will be about an African American man paying a visit his Caucasian girlfriend's family home, only for some sort of horror related mayhem to break out. It's a fair bet that the girlfriend role will be played by Peter Pan herself, and that horror mayhem will most likely involve her family's past. It's not a lot to go on, but it's an interesting beginning.

With only one other film role to her credit, Variety's announcement seems to indicate that Allison Williams is setting out to broaden her filmography a little bit with her role in Get Out. Despite her only role being in the film College Musical, her relative inexperience in the movies could be an advantage. After all, Jamie Lee Curtis also got her start in the film business after making her way though the TV world, and she did it with a little independent film called Halloween. Williams could easily replicate the same success, and if she does, she'll be doing so at the best time possible in her career.

Considering Girls may be ending its cable TV run within the next couple of years, at least it will be if Lena Dunham's recent remarks are to be trusted, it's a good time for the cast to be evaluating its options for a continuing career paths. With season 6 being the hypothesized ending, that gives Allison Williams two years to hone her craft and land enough solid film experience to be a seasoned veteran when the curtain drops on the underground HBO hit. Of course, it helps that Jordan Peele is a fellow TV veteran making the jump to films. As Get Out will be Peele's first ever directing project, he and Williams will be able to navigate through the pitfalls and excitement of making a feature film together.

There's even a chance that the two will like working together well enough that, much like Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter, the two will team up for future projects down the road. Ultimately, this is all pie-in-the-sky thinking for the moment, and will depend on Get Out being a success; but it could happen if everything lines up the way it should. While Get Out has no production schedule or release date set, we wouldn't be surprised if it was ready for distribution as a seasonal treat next Halloween.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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