Remember that Fletch sequel everyone was so excited about? At one time Fletch Won was going to be directed by Kevin Smith and starring Jason Lee as Flech. Then Smith left and Lee was out, but that was alright because Zach Braff was in as Fletch. Well forget all of that. Fletch Won has gone straight into the toilet.

IESB claims to have the inside track on the project, and their rumor sources tell them that Accepted director Steve Pink is now helming it, with former ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star Joshua Jackson as Fletch. Let me say that again, in case some of you were busy fighting off a gag reflex. Joshua Jackson, freakin Pacey, is playing Fletch.

Since the departure of ‘Dawson’ from television, Jackson has appeared in a variety of TV cameos, straight-to-dvd movies, and a few low budget theatricals. The closest he’s come to being relevant is a small part in Bobby last year, where he was lost in the movie’s massively star-studded cast. Taking on Fletch should be a high-profile role. Even with Steve Pink directing, you’d think they could do better than casting Pacey as Chevy Chase’s once iconic character. What’s Katie Holmes doing these days? Does Tom Cruise let her leave the house? Fletch needs a love interest. I smell a Dawson’s Creek reunion.

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