Juliette Lewis To Star In Blood Or Water

You know what I think is depressing? For as much time as I spend watching trailers, I can't remember the last time Juliette Lewis was predominately featured or at least had a line of dialogue. Though she has multiple titles on her resume that show off just how good she can be, she's largely been relegated to the background in recent years. Part of it could be that in 2007 and 2008 she didn't make any films, but now it looks like she's finally back and now, according to Variety, she'll be headlining her next film.

Juliette Lewis is now set to star in Blood or Water, a new thriller from writer/director Justin Molotnikov. The feature will be Molotnikov's first since his 2009 feature film debut Crying With Laughter. The trade doesn't provide a plot or character description, but Lewis will be co-starring with Stephen McCole, Greta Scacchi, Kate Dickie and Gary Lewis. The project is being produced by LevelK, a Danish film company, and Molotnikov and Claire Mundell’s Synchronicity. The production will be shooting in Scotland at the start of 2012.

Lewis is also set to star in the 2012 television series The Firm, based on the John Grisham novel, so with any luck we're going to be seeing even more of her in the near future. As good as it was to see her in one scene of last year's Due Date, it's time for her to start making more movies where her appearance is more than a glorified cameo.

Eric Eisenberg
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