Jurassic World To Start Filming In An Abandoned Six Flags

Colin Trevorrow has been in Hawaii shooting portions of Jurassic World in some of the original locations Jurassic Park filmed in. A lush, beautiful environment; Hawaii was the perfect stand in for Costa Rica, where dinosaurs could roam around and not bother any humans that weren't foolish enough to venture into a theme park that the Gods were destined to have fun with. Recent news indicates that the production of the film, much like The Lost World: Jurassic Park, is bringing it back to the mainland. The dinosaurs are coming to New Orleans, and if you're brave enough, you could be one of many to pretend to be next to them.

On Location Vacations was eagle eyed enough to spot the scoop detailing a casting notice for a new Steven Spielberg movie:

"Ebb Tide", a Steven Spielberg film, needs men and women (18yrs-75yrs) who are available to work: 6/6, and 6/9 through 6/13 at Six Flags Park. Pay is $101.50/12 hrs. If you are available for at least 2 of the dates, please email directly to "EbbTide": your photo, name, email, phone, height and weight to: ebbtidelouisiana@gmail.com. In the subject line, please put: referred by Robin Batherson. If you’ve already registered for "Ebb Tide", no need to submit again.

This is a totally legitimate casting call, despite the fact that "Ebb Tide" sure as hell doesn't sound like a fake title relating to either The BFG or the untitled Cold War drama that Spielberg is directing with Tom Hanks in the lead. Not to mention, neither of those films are ready for this quick of a take off. And do either of these films take place in an abandoned theme park? It's not very likely they do. It's a misleading casting notice, but very admirably so considering the problem Jurassic World has had with tons of leaked photos from the set. Also, you'll attract more extras with a Steven Spielberg movie than a Colin Trevorrow movie. No offense to the man, but he hasn't taken off just yet.

So what does this say about the elements confirmed about Jurassic World's plot? Well, it looks like the film's action will either be centered on the actual incident that results in dinosaurs roaming free around the park, or it will focus on the relatively close aftermath. Judging by the state the park has been in since its abandonment, I'd venture a guess that we'll be seeing Jurassic World set some time after the incident has occurred. The condition the park is currently in has lent to an air of disaster and desolation, which is perfect for the purposes of the Steven Spielberg produced picture.

Percy Jackson shoot

A little background on the theme park itself: Six Flags New Orleans was abandoned after the fallout of Hurricane Katrina devastated the park and left it unfit for operation. Since 2011, filmmakers have used the site of the former amusement for filming purposes. Most recently, Fox films like Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (shown above) and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes have shot some material on the grounds, and studios have even been in talks with the city of New Orleans to lease out the land for future productions. Films like Jurassic World have a great location to film scenes of devastation and desolation, and the local economy is rewarded with an opportunity to make money off of a unique landscape.

Jurassic World is aiming to destroy the box office on June 12th, 2015.

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