Just How Does James T. Kirk Cheat?

Yesterday brought an interesting tidbit about J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. Along with the rumored casting of Tyler Perry, we got a small spoiler about the plot for the story. Today AICN has a related rumor that puts a bit of a twist on yesterday’s news. All of this contains a small amount of spoilers for the movie, so only read on if you’re interested in knowing a few plot points for Star Trek.

As we reported yesterday, the rumored scene that includes Perry is a trial or hearing for James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) where he is about to be tossed out of Starfleet Acadamy for cheating on the famed Kobayashi Maru test. Today’s tidbit could be how Kirk managed to cheat on the unwinnable test. According to the rumor, Kirk doesn’t suddenly become computer savvy on a Scotty level. Instead, “In true Kirk fashion, he persuades a chick he is banging to alter the simulator so that it is winnable.”

While that suggested method is definitely right in line for Kirk’s character, and actually shows his ability as a captain (a captain doesn’t have to do everything – he can get others to do it for him), it also contradicts part of yesterday’s rumor. Part of the story was that there was a witness to Kirk’s cheating, and if Kirk has some babe actually do the reprogramming, then how could someone point a finger directly at Kirk?

I know this is probably just a small part of the Trek movie, but it’s really piqued my interest in the project again. It could be fun to see how all of these off-screen moments of Trek come to life in Abrams hands.