Keanu Reeves Joins The Incredibly Cool Cast Of The Horror Thriller The Neon Demon

If you want a comeback streak that only seems to become more interesting with each passing film, look no further than the career of Keanu Reeves. With John Wick succeeding at the box office enough to put a sequel onto the board, as well as Eli Roth's thriller Knock Knock in his queue, Reeves looks to be in demand at this moment. If you didn't think he could get any more popular, then hold onto your hats – as Nicolas Windnig Refn's latest project has just found, "The One."

It has been announced via press release that The Neon Demon has just cast Keanu Reeves in a role of unspecified importance, alongside previously named cast members Elle Fanning and Jena Malone. Also confirmed for The Neon Demon cast is mutual muse to both Refn and Ryan Gosling, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, who we previously guessed might become involved with the project. All will star in a story about "vicious beauty" that was inspired by Refn's observation that he felt, "surrounded and dominated by women." Sounds like the wholesome family fare Nicholas Winding Refn offers every time he steps behind a camera.

It would appear that Hollywood has heard Keanu Reeves' plea from a few months ago to do more diverse and interesting projects with diverse and interesting filmmakers, as he's had quite a round of good fortune in his corner as of late. Jumping on board as ambitious a project as The Neon Demon not only affords the former Matrix star the opportunity to work with new talent, but it also puts him on a particularly promising track as an actor. Much like Ryan Gosling, Reeves' might not only find himself working with Refn again, but also could find himself in the favor of other, similarly independent directors.

While there's no specifics on the story or characters released just yet, The Neon Demon sounds like it'll be a cautionary tale about fame in the City of Angels, rife with diabolical and deadly chances for the film's leading ladies to take each other down a peg – or off this earth – with the greatest of ease. This means that Keanu Reeves could play anything from a sleazy studio executive, to a paparazzi, to even a shadowy killer. Of course, it doesn't hurt Reeves' career to be seen in roles he doesn't normally inhabit, surrounded by cast members of mass appeal.

Much like his comeback character in John Wick, Keanu Reeves has found himself in a renaissance position that could help him write his ticket to starring in either more prestige friendly or niche, genre-driven films. For the moment, the world is the man's oyster, and he looks ready to dig out some pearls.

The Neon Demon begins shooting on March 30th.

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