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Ken Marino Updates On The Status Of The Party Down Movie

Ken Marino was one of the key reasons why Party Down was such a brilliant show. Ron Donald, the overly-ambitious leader of the catering crew, was one of those rare characters who you really want to root for, but is so self-destructive and can be such an asshole that it makes it almost impossible (it also doesn't hurt that he's also hysterical). One of the key reasons why I want to see a Party Down movie happen is just so that I can once again see Ron reach the precipice of success only to watch everything crumble around him. But will it ever come together?

This morning I had the chance to sit down one-on-one with Marino at a press event for Wanderlust (look out for my full interview next week) and took the opportunity to ask about what's going on with the potential Party Down film. I started by asking about where the project is and when it might come together, but Marino was a bit hesitant to confirm the status. "You know, you’re guess is as good as mine," Marino said. The writer/actor did confirm that a script is being worked on and that there are many people interested in doing it but he's going to wait until he's actually in production before making any major statements. "Until I’m there on set I wouldn’t commit to saying that it’s happening, you know?"

But when I asked him if he would be excited to play Ron again he couldn't have been more enthusiastic, particularly because it would bring him back together with his Party Down costars. "Oh my god, yeah! I love Ron Donald and I love all the people who worked on that show," Marino said, "That was a magical experience for me. And working with Adam [Scott] and Lizzy [Caplan] and Martin [Starr] and Ryan [Hansen] and Megan [Mullally] and Jane [Lynch] and John Enbom…everybody was just amazing, so to get a chance to play with those people one more time would be phenomenal."

At this stage in the game, like with all cancelled-before-their-time shows, fans just have to cross their fingers and wait. The fact that they are working on a script and that there is so much interest from the cast is a great sign for the project, but obviously it doesn't mean that it's a sure thing.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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