Kevin Smith Just Shaved Off His Beard And He Looks Weird

If you've ever been scared of what writer/director Kevin Smith has been hiding under his beard all of these years, you might want to look away, because this is very real:

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Kevin Smith has had a lot of crazy but interesting ideas, especially considering he outlined a modern Jaws remake, as well as went on a recent writing spree that included stories about The Rapture, the Krampus, and a man turned walrus. Among those weird ideas is Yoga Hosers, a movie about two teenage girls who live in Canada, and fight the forces of evil. This idea could qualify as the weirdest yet, considering it's made Smith do something he hasn't done for a good long while: he's shaved off his trademark beard.

Kevin Smith's Twitter feed shared this photo, showing that the Tusk director has shaved his beard off for a "green screen shoot" that has something to do with the director's latest film project - which stars his own daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Yoga Hosers also marks the debut of Tusk co-star Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily Rose Depp, in a starring role. Both will be reprising their roles from Tusk as convenience store clerks, both named Colleen.

So with green screen work afoot for Smith's next feature film, and no details on what his role will be readily apparent, it's easy to speculate just what this green screen work could entail. The most likely possibility is that Kevin Smith is going to either play a monster in Yoga Hosers or some sort of victim. Knowing Smith's self deprecating/dark sense of humor, the former scenario seems more likely. So be prepared for a monster that more than likely puts out flatulence and throws out some f-bombs while terrorizing the good citizens of Canada.

It's not that that's a particularly bad possibility, but it's the possibility that most speaks to Kevin Smith's sensibilities. Of course, that means that there's just as good of a chance that he'll subvert that expectation and play a truly horrifying creature. Remember guys, this is a post Tusk Smith we're talking about here. Yoga Hosers can either be the movie that brings him back to his former template of excitement and sophomoric humor, or it could be the film that takes the promise of the more horrific parts of Tusk and pushes them further. Either way, Kevin Smith has been working his way to this tipping point, and he can break either way depending on how Yoga Hosers turns out.

Leaving the movies behind for a second, it'll be equally as interesting to see how Kevin Smith grooms his facial hair from this point on. Considering that ever since Clerks' release 20 years ago Kevin Smith has pretty much always been seen with his famous beard, and considering he's almost definitely turning back to the role of Silent Bob in the further down the line production of Clerks III, we might be in store for a joke or two about that time Silent Bob made a random bet with Jay, and had to shave off his beard after he lost.

Tusk is currently in theaters, with Yoga Hosers aiming for a June 1, 2015 release date.

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