Next March, Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is expected to pit DC Comics’ three biggest heroes (known collectively as the Trinity) against Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and a massive threat in the form of Doomsday. In addition to having Batman (Ben Affleck) squaring off against Superman (Henry Cavill), the blockbuster plans to lay the groundwork for multiple DC movies, including a Justice League movie that will hit in November 2017. Well, last night, a Reddit user claimed to have attended a BvS preview screening, and spilled from very important beans. What was revealed? Let’s discuss.

Needless to say, this article is going to deal in potential spoilers for next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so please stop reading if you do not want to know details. The movie comes out soon. Can you wait? Here’s the full trailer, to prevent you from hitting any of the spoilers that I am discussing below.
The screening details, provided by the Reddit user ViolatingNDA (clever) walk a very fine line between being possible, and possibly being bullshit. I’m honestly not convinced that Warner Bros. would screen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this early, knowing that the possibility of someone breaking the NDA and spoiling the movie was all too probable. Some of the scenes described by this potential audience member sound like they are speculated off of footage shown in the trailers. But then the third act reveals are potentially major… if they turn out to be true. So, take all of this with a shovel of salt, and see what was revealed:

Jena Malone
Who Jena Malone Plays
We’ve run rumors that Jena Malone, who also starred in Snyder’s Sucker Punch, would be playing Carrie Kelley, a version of Robin who fought alongside an older Batman in the comics. ViolatingNDA actually confirms a different rumor, saying that Malone appears in a few scenes as Barbara Gordon, daughter of a deceased Commissioner James Gordon. There are mentions of the character Oracle, an alter ego of Barbara. And she apparently also makes a Killing Joke reference to an amusement park incident involving The Joker. There are a lot of Joker references in this movie, but it doesn’t sound like Jared Leto’s criminal clown prince shows face.
Jimmy Olsen
Who Scoot McNairy Plays
The green socks worn by McNairy in a captured set photo had many speculating that he could play The Flash (until that part went to Ezra Miller). Then, rumors swirled that Scoot might be playing an older version of Jimmy Olsen, who might have had his legs damaged by the wreckage of Man of Steel. It turns out, according to the report, that this is the actual case. Now, is that because the person actually saw the movie? Or did they just read the various rumors and post on Reddit that Scoot McNairy is playing Jimmy Olsen? We’ll know for sure soon enough, but the report adds that Olsen runs a blog that supports Superman, even after what happened in Metropolis as Kal-El fought to stop Zod (Michael Shannon).
Hal Jordan
How Green Lantern Factors In
Here’s where the spoilers reach Mach 2 level. The report suggests that Lex’s ultimate plan in the movie involves drones that would protect our planet against alien invasion. The LexCorp plan is opposed by General Swanwick (Harry Lennix), and during an action sequence, the military man sends his best pilot to compete against the drones. This pilot? Hal Jordan, who already is Green Lantern and will reveal himself at the end of the sequence! The report says actor Dan Amboyer (Love the Coopers) will play Hal in the movie. IMDB lists him as "Drone Pilot." Misdirection? Does this mean he’ll return in the Justice League movies, as well as the 2020 movie Green Lantern Corps?
Where Is Robin?
We know Ben Affleck is playing an older version of Batman in Dawn of Justice. And we know that Joker is taunting the Bat with a message scrawled on a Robin costume. So, what’s the deal? The report claims that Jason Todd is the Robin who was beaten to death by The Joker 5 years before the events of this movie. They say Batman almost killed the Joker, but eventually locked him away in Arkham. The report also claims, however, that Dick Grayson is alive in this world, and was a former Robin. Does that mean we might see him as Nightwing in the solo Batman movie? Or could the popular Red Hood storyline surface in a future movie? It really sounds like Batman v Superman is laying that groundwork.
Wonder Woman
How Wonder Woman Factors In
The last Batman v Superman trailer revealed Wonder Woman swooping in at the last minute to protect Batman and Superman from Doomsday. But we’ve also seen Diana in scenes with Bruce Wayne, where she is dressed to the nines. What gives? The report claims that Gal Gadot will appear in the story as "the Themiscyra ambassador" who is opposed to the drone plan of LexCorp, and rallies troops – like Bruce Wayne – to prevent Lex from succeeding. The report goes on to say that Gadot is "believable and beautiful Diana Prince, [and] every line she says is always backed with a sense of sincerity and purity, but also carried with weight."
Justice League
Do We See The Full Justice League?
Here’s the biggest reveal. The movie isn’t called Dawn of Justice for nothing. The report claims that we’ll see a fully assembled Justice League in action in the last third of the movie, as Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern help Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fight off Lex Luthor’s drone army. This is where I start to lose faith in the report, for the record. It claims that Flash and Green Lantern known each other, that certain heroes in the group already have chemistry, but that Batman’s mind is blown to learn that other heroes besides Superman exist. The report says that the team ends the movie with an agreement that they will reunite if and when the planet needs protection (similar to The Avengers, I guess), and that there is no cliffhanger, or larger tease for Snyder’s first Justice League movie.

Now, the same Reddit thread does have a post by someone who claims they worked on the movie, and that this "review" is false. So, do you choose to believe it? Is it more misdirection? Or did Warner Bros. actually screen one of their largest 2016 tentpole films, and then pray that those in attendance would protect the film’s biggest secrets?
Do you believe this Batman v Superman review?
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