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Knights Of Badassdom And Wolf Creek 2 Reveal New Posters

knights of badassdom poster

A film can have the most exceptionally gratifying theatrical trailer in the world, but nobody really remembers trailers years after films have been released. We do remember the posters though; or at least we used to before Hollywood turned the marketing technique from an art to a five minute Photoshop project. Case in point are the two posters recently released for eOne Entertainment’s LARP fantasy comedy Knights of Badassdom and Image Entertainment’s horror sequel Wolf Creek 2, both of which squander good opportunities to do something different by using regular photographs.

Granted, Knights of Badassdom’s poster, seen above, puts a whole bunch of photographs together in an explosive and vehicle-filled bit of madness, but can you imagine how much more amazing this whole image would have been had it been drawn by a profession artist. This would be right up the legendary Drew Struzan’s alley, and such a detailed piece would almost automatically earn a spot on the walls of collectors everywhere. As it is, though, it’s only worth about as much as a trading card. A really big badass trading card.

Directed by Joe Lynch and long delayed due to distribution company problems, Knights is finally getting a release via VOD on February 11. It centers on a LARP battle that goes ridiculously wrong once one of the players unwittingly invokes a demonic presence. While the release won’t be Lynch’s original cut, this should still be an amazingly bonkers film, with an all-star cast including Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Jimmy Simpson and Danny Pudi. Check out the awesome trailer below.

And ShockTilYouDrop led us to the Australian poster for Wolf Creek 2, the long-awaited (by some) sequel to Greg Mclean’s 2005 film about backpackers in the Outback who find themselves the victims of a crazy mofo named Mick Taylor, played with insane aplomb by John Jarratt. It isn’t exactly the most original idea for a poster, as it features Taylor holding a gun and the terrible tagline "The Outback Can Get Crazy This Time of Year."

wolf creek 2 poster

Mclean also directed this film, which doesn’t have a release date set just yet. Unfortunately, it just sounds like a rehash for the first film, with a new cast of vacationers getting picked off by Taylor, only with more car flips. A lot more vehicles, actually. Check out the trailer below.

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