Kyle Reese Dodges Multiple Terminators In 2 New Terminator Genisys Clips

We’ve got a couple of long after the fact sequels coming up over the next little bit. First up is Jurassic World, but not to far beyond that is Terminator Genisys. Details are still pretty sparse, but we know that through the magic of time travel, the timeline will have changed in a number of ways. We get a glimpse of a few differences in these two new clips where Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) tangles with a few terminators.

The first clip, which comes from Apple, is essentially a longer look at a scene we’ve seen a number of times already in trailers, teasers, and TV spots. It revisits one of the key moments from James Cameron’s 1984 original, where Reese, arriving in the past buck-ass nude, breaks into a sporting goods store to steal some clothes.

As you can see, it plays out a wee bit differently than you’re used to. For one, the cop he’s running from is no cop at all, but terminator played by Lee Byung-hun. From this snippet, he appears to be of the shape shifting T-1000 variety that Arnold Schwarzenegger and company tussle with in Terminator 2. Reese also meets Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) in this clip, only she’s not at all what he expected. Instead of the meek, frightened waitress who needs his protection, she’s become a little bit more proactive in the altered timeline. More on that in the second clip.

Clip number two is new stuff that we haven’t seen before. It follows pretty quickly on the heels of the action in the first video, showing Kyle and Sarah making their getaway in the armored car she crashed through the sports store. There’s also a shocking surprise waiting for the time travelling soldier in the back in the form of Schwarzenegger’s T-800.

As you may or may not know, this version of Schwarzenegger is way different than previous incarnations. According to what we know so far, in Genisys this particular terminator went back and actually wound up raising Sarah Connor from childhood, keeping her safe, turning her into a total badass. They also took out the original terminator—you see his charred robot corpse in the back, and there’s reportedly a sweet Old Arnold Vs. Young Arnold throw down that we’re stoked to see. Kyle, however, is obviously not as pleased at what he finds waiting for him, and his first reaction, a totally natural one by the way, it to kill it, kill it with fire.

More than anything, these two clips illustrate how Terminator Genisys is going to juggle the events from the earlier films. We see familiar scenes, only they don’t play out like we remember, adding new twists and wrinkles. There has been a lot of public worry about all of these changes, including reports of problems from set, so people have been wary as the release date approaches. But a few people have seen early screenings and the response has been positive, so hopefully this will kick as much ass as a Terminator movie should.

Terminator Genisys hits movie theaters July 1.

Brent McKnight