Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Recreate His Entire Movie Career In 6 Minutes

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in a lot of movies. Even now, at the age of 67, he’s pushing out a zombie drama called Maggie, Terminator Genisys and he’s even planning to return to the worlds of Twins and Conan the Barbarian. In honor of all this man has achieved, Schwarzenegger reenacted most of his famous films in less than six minutes for The Late Late Show audience, with host James Corden as his assistant.

If you’re completely unfamiliar with Schwarzenegger’s extensive body of work but have been too afraid to say anything to your friends, thank Corden. The Broadway star turned late-night personality introduced the man of the hour, who walked out on stage wearing a Grinch-green robe. Arnold certainly knows how to make an entrance.

The countdown starts with Conan the Barbarian, not his first film role ever but his first star-making turn. This is followed shortly by a moment from Pumping Iron, at which point it becomes clear that they are not just walking us down memory lane, they are giving us the best scenes from each movie. Except for The Expendables, that is. All three films are given a single bit that ends with Arnold joking how he never saw any of them.

While Schwarzenegger dressed up as a DIY Mr. Freeze was pretty spectacular, perhaps the best part of the entire tribute came with the recreation of Jamie Lee Curtis’ infamous True Lies "dance for me" scene. Knowing Corden, he obviously takes the role of Helen Tasker, emerging with a black bra and wig. It takes a lot to make the Terminator blush, but now we know all it takes is Corden straddling his lap, playing with his hair and salaciously flicking his tongue.

The funny thing is, this isn’t the first time Corden reenacted a scandalous movie scene. Ever since taking over for Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show, he has produced and acted out a number of hilarious bits, including what he calls the "Basic Instinct Remake." He took over Sharon Stone’s famous role of Catherine Tramell in recreating her interrogation scene — crotch slip and all.

He also sprinted through a career revist with Tom Hanks, kicking off this trend. As for Schwarzenegger, it’s clear he’ll be back again and again. Terminator Genisys hits theaters on June 25, and he plans to return for the other installments of the new trilogy.